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Meet THE team


With an extensive background in design and construction and a passion for vintage motorcycles, Mike is the brainchild of OSS. 


Raised in Long Island and former sales leader at Prada, Sam is the head of our sales department. When she's not busy setting trends on the west coast, she's busy helping our customers get the service they need.

Growing up in southern California we pursued unusual methods of self expression. Tumbling around in the surf looking for that perfect wave or slicing up the windy roads on our oil soaked motorcycles. Since then our paths have led us to becoming a variety of tradesmen. OSS uses the trades that we have learned to explore many different facets of creativity.

Using the combined skill and knowledge of local artisans, craftsmen, and speed freaks to create works of form and function we present to you 



A Malibu Local who's been known to spend a lot of his time in the green room. His knack for wood working, fine art, and guitar playing is a true indication of his amazing dexterity.


What team is complete without a comedian/stuntman/custom lighting expert! Homeschooled in the suburbs of Thousand Oaks Ca. by whom we can only imagine to be the coolest folks around.


Native to these parts is a guy named Jose. While he might be a mystery to most, we know him to be a badass cabinet builder from a family of badass cabinet builders. No job is too large or too complex for Jose.


Our field expert. As a veteran carpenter working in and around the estates of Malibu for the past 10 years, lets just say Conor knows his way around a hammer. 


Rocko the OSS shop security guard aka; Rockefeller, Rocket Man, Rockpile, Rochester NY, Rajneesh, Rolo, Rigatoni, and Scooter. 

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